Christmas Blog 2021


Christmas Blog 2021 OR Seasons Greetings to all our customers both new and old

We live in interesting times! Everything seems in flux and very little is the same.¬†Everything seems a little “off” and we do not know what the New Year will bring; more lockdowns or a relaxation and a move to a more normal life. We can only hope for the latter.

In any event I want to thank you for your support and to wish you the best and most peaceful Christmas. If you’re anything like us then music will have been your savoir these past couple of years. Sometimes it takes and event to make us realise what is the most important to us!

As a small family company we value our customers and we recognise that the market offers a lot of choice and we’re thrilled you choose us and not some faceless megalith like Amazon. Sincerest thanks!

We have lots of exciting things coming next year but despite this we will not be changing our core values. They will never change.

Hope it’s a musical one. See you in 2022.

Opening hours are;

Thurs 23rd of Dec OPEN
Christmas EVE CLOSED
Chrtistmas Day CLOSED
Boxing Day CLOSED
Bank Holiday Tues CLOSED
Weds 29th OPEN 10 till 4.
Thurs 30th OPEN 10 till 4
New Years Day CLOSED
Back to normal (whatever that will be) Tues 4th 9.30 till 5.00