Chord TToby

Chord TToby joins the Chord range as a perfect partner for the Hugo TT.

Chord TToby

The TToby is an exciting new desktop stereo power amplifier designed to complement the Hugo TT DAC and take advantage of its high-quality digital preamp functionality. The TToby has been created using the same form factor as the Hugo TT and its introduction enables desktop audio lovers to create a high-performance Chord system where space is tight. t2

The new TToby (£2,750, available August/late summer) will offer Chord’s proprietary amplifier technology and deliver 130 watts into a four-ohm load. The Hugo TT and TToby combination, allows music lovers to enjoy the benefits of Chord’s class-leading DAC technology via headphones and loudspeakers, giving complete flexibility within busy households.


TToby offers both balanced and unbalanced inputs to complement the Hugo TT’s outputs, and benefits from Chord’s famous switch-mode power supplies.



More info on the Chord TToby as soon as we have it. We’re expecting to get our hands on one soon and will report back.


The Chord TToby is exciting for a number of reasons. Not only does it make a compact and high quality solution since the Hugo TT is a DAC AND a pre-amp. It also makes this a cheap system for the Chord owner. I say “cheap” :)