The Moorgate Blog July

Moorgate Blog Opening a record store in the middle of an extremely uncertain time for the high street might have seemed like a strange thing to do on the face of it. But Moorgate was started and is still run by people who love music. Moorgate Acoustics was founded in by Keith Hobson in 1981 […]

Mobile Fidelity Vinyl

We’re now stockists of Mobile Fidelity vinyl. Click here for a link to the titles we currently have in stock. Check back regularly as we’re constantly adding new titles but they do sell fast. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been the leader in audiophile recordings since 1977. The company itself was established by dedicated audiophiles, […]


Installation is a big part of what we do We like to ensure that people get the best out of the equipment that they buy. Many of our customers are enthusiasts and they love setting equipment up and experimenting to get the best out of it. But others want to ensure they get help and […]

Rega Aethos Launch

        Rega Aethos Launch at Moorgate Acoustics Join us on September the 10th. We’re hosting Rega who will be introducing you to the new Rega Aethos integrated amplifier. We don’t know too much about this amplifier yet, except that it is based on the incredible Osiris and sits between that amplifier and […]


Ten Albums that changed My Life

Ten Albums that changed My Life Today our thanks go to Kevin Moor for sharing his fantastic top ten choice. Many thanks Kevin! In no particular order Prince – Sign O The Times Whenever I play this I’m that awkward teenager again. This album is all killer, no filler despite being a double. The haunting […]


Ten Ten Albums That Changed my Life

Ten albums that changed my life.  1)…Deep Purple In Rock.  This was the album that kick started everything. We had a record library at school and it was the very first album I borrowed. At that time I owned no music and we only had a very old radiogram at home, which probably did untold […]

Wax at Moorgate

Wax records is open. Our very own record store in the basement of our hi-fi store. Click here to visit the website Our very own record store opens soon in the basement of our Woodseats store. We’re selling new and used vinyl and used CD’s.  More information to follow. You can connect with the new […]

Naim Audio

Naim Audio The above image shows a Naim Audio NAC62 pre-amp that has just been serviced by Class A – our onsite and Naim Authorised service centre. As part of the procedure we’ve listen to this unit to ensure it sounds as good as it looks. It sounds superb! This product was built 32 years […]

Amphion Argon

Amphion Argon

Amphion Argon Amphion are not a well know brand in the UK but that is slowly changing. Twenty years of expertise and dedication Amphion Loudspeakers Ltd. was established in 1998 in Finland. They design and build loudspeakers that are characterised by honest and accurate sound reproduction. Precise driver integration ensures world-class imaging and phase coherency. […]


Audiolab 6000

Audiolab 6000 series Audiolab have always been known for great value components but it has been a while since they tackled the fiercely competitive mid-priced market that has been most recently dominated by products like the Rega Brio. The 6000 series changes all that. 6000a costs £599 and the matching CD transport costs £399. The […]