Rega P8 Launch

    Rega P8 launch event The day is a week away. There are still a few places left and we’d love you to come. There will be incentives, competitions and prizes and a change to audition British Audio at its finest. Nov 22nd 12 till 5. We look forward to seeing you. Come and […]

October Blog

More Moorgate History As our business in Sheffield grew; Rotherham fared less well. Part of this was the development of Meadowhall and part was due to the anti-car attitude the council had (and believe me Sheffield City Council soon followed suit). Our customers arrive by car and often leave with heavy boxes. The re-routing of […]

Rega Turntables

Rega Turntables

Rega Turntables We have some specials on some of our Rega turntables at the moment. Some of these are brand new stock and some are items which have been traded in as people have upgraded their systems. In each case the items are in great condition and will always come with a warranty. Read on […]


Audio Technica AT-95

Audio Technica AT-95 Audio Technica introduce 6 new cartridges that expand the evergreen AT-95 MM cartridge. This is exciting news because the 95e is somewhat legendary in terms of performance and value for money. When it comes to “punching above its weight” many people will cite this cartridge as a perfect example. Now Audio Technica […]

Naim NDX2

  The Naim NDX2 is available and on demonstration. We’ve had a few days to let the Naim NDX2 run in. In fact we left it playing internet radio since it arrived. This morning we sat down and had a proper listen. We were using a Naim 282/HICAP/NAP-300 for the purposes of listening and we […]

September Blog

  September Blog & a little Moorgate History This month I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. Some of this reflection was driven by the loss of a couple of friends in the industry and some by finding a few old photographs from our past. I thought I’d share a little of our history for […]

August Blog

August Blog I write these blogs when we feel irked about something or feel that something is worth saying. I think now is the time and so you have the joy (or misery) of reading a series of linked (and sometimes unlinked) comments about all sorts of things. Like Yorkshire mixture (which for those outside […]

Spendor D9

  Spendor D9 Spendor are one of the oldest brands in the UK audio industry and have a reputation for high performance neutral speakers. The heritage of the company was two BBC recording engineers who wanted high quality loudspeakers that had the ability of monitor recordings and reproduce them with great accuracy. More recently Spendor […]

Fyne Audio

Fyne Audio – now on demo   A good friend introduced us to Scottish-based loudspeaker manufacturer, FYNE AUDIO. Fyne Audio is brand new, but the 7-strong management team brings an enviable pedigree of over 200 years’ audio industry experience (working at Tannoy).  Additionally, a recruitment programme is underway to bring in even more industry talent. […]

Pro-Ject Audio

  Pro-Ject Audio Join us on Friday the 28th of November for an open day featuring Pro-Ject Audio system and in particular their excellent turntables. Pro-Ject have earned an excellent reputation as one of the Worlds finest turntable manufacturers. So we’ve invited them along to demonstrate and explain all about record players; what makes them […]