B&W and Devialet Open Day



Join us on Friday the 26th of January for a day of music and cutting edge technology.

We will be demonstrating Devialet Expert Pro streamer/DAC/amplifiers with Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers.


We will also be demonstrating the Devialet Phantom wireless audio loudspeakers.

Staff from Bowers & Wilkins and Devialet will be on hand to explain and demonstrate their products.

Towards the end of the day we will be presenting on of the Lost Recordings; a unique experience an exceptionally rare Ella Fitzgerald recording that extremely few people have ever heard before.


There will be prizes, a raffle and light refreshments.

Tickets are free and can be found here.


Discover the story of the lost recordings. A “one only” acetate will be played on the day – your chance to hear a unique recording – directly from the lacquer!

The ultimate analog medium. A fascinating phenomenon. Cut from a single sheet of pure aluminium coated in nitrocellulose, lacquers demonstrate exceptional physical properties, making it possible to capture even the most intricate nuance and texture of a recording. Incomparably. And yet they are never supposed to be listened to, their sole purpose being to provide the master copy for vinyl cutting.

Few people have the privilege of experiencing this unique medium. The Lost Recordings collection is a rare invitation to explore and share intense emotion. In its purest and truest form.

We hope you can join us for what promises to be a fun day. This is not a sales event (although there will be incentives) but more about how two of the World’s leading audio companies are breaking new ground in technology to move the goalposts in music reproduction in the home.