Blog 2

It’s been a constant source of amazement to me how few people really value the accurate reproduction of music in the home. The fact that you’re reading this probably means you do care. At the very least you’re looking at our website or reading this on our Facebook page.

Music feeds the soul and is one of the very best forms of relaxation. You can get that with live entertainment of course but it’s invariably expensive and means leaving the comfort of your own home in order to do it. A decent (and I don’t mean expensive) stereo at home can do the same every time you turn it on. Off with the fools lantern and on with the music.

We’ve always tried to offer a range of products to suit all budgets. That’s not to say we sell at the bottom end of the market but our cheapest systems are surprisingly affordable and sound really good. We’ve discovered from customer feedback that our most affordable system (found here) sounds much better than many more expensive combinations.

There’s a reason for this of course; we actually care about the products we sell.