Amphion Argon 1

Amphion Argon 1

Amphion Argon 1

We’ve been stocking a couple of Amphion models for a year or so. They’re an understated brand and their reputation has been growing slowly. Slowly because the UK market is essentially flooded with fairly decent loudspeakers and the public tend to prefer the home grown models. EU and American product can often be bright or aggressive sounding and less suited to the requirements of small rooms.

The Amphion range is quite different and it was for this reason that we started stocking their products.

The Company

Amphion has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers since 1998. Each speaker is designed to be independent of problems of room acoustics and designed to sound good in almost any environment. Innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion enable you to hear more of your music, and less of your room.

  • Perfect nearfield performance in studio or your computer
  • Wide and even listening area for enjoying a music concert or a movie with friends
  • Room-filing live-like sound to be enjoyed in the background –  put simply this is a speaker that also sounds good when you turn it down.

The Argon 1

Priced at £1049 (see more here) the Argon 1 is a compact loudspeaker. It is rear ported but unlike most rear-ported designs will work well close to a back wall. Optimally about six inches back from the wall will be perfect spacing.

The special forté of Argon1 is it´s reference quality mid-range resolution and surprisingly low reaching bass response. It also has a very detailed but never bright treble performance. It seduces rather than grabbing you by the lapels.

We auditioned them with a Rega Brio integrated amp and a Naim Uniti Atom and it gave stella performance with both. Open, clean, musical and never tiring.

Shortlist Argon1 if you are looking for a worldclass mini-monitor for a small room or intend to build an easy to place fullrange 2.1 or 5.1 reference system.

The nearfield performance of Argon1 has already surprised many studio veterans. You can enjoy the same qualities in your computer based desktop system.

Like its big brother Argon1 is one of the natural and neutral sounding speakers commercially available. A very high level of transparency means that you can hear deeper into your favourite recordings.

Even if Argon1 benefits from first rate signal chain, surprising results can be achieved also with reasonably modest amplifiers.