Active Streaming System

Active Streaming System

A neat, high performance active streaming system

£1498 Click for details.

We’re often asked to put together audio systems for people who have a lot of issues with space and number of boxes but who still want good quality sound. New technology has made this easier and simpler than ever and we wanted to take the opportunity to show you a couple of solutions.


This system is based around the Bluesound Node 2 streamer, partnered with AVI DM5 active speakers. “Active” means that the amplifiers are actually built into the loudspeakers. This clearly saves a lot of space without compromising quality.

This system costs £1498 complete. For that you get a simple to operate system that features powerful 50 watt speakers and an enviable list of features. These include;

  • Simple app driven control (IOS and Android)
  • Streaming all types of music files from MP3 to lossless and HD audio (24/192, MQA)
  • Internet Radio
  • Bluetooth pairing with your personal device
  • Digital input for additional sources
  • Spotify and Tidal subscription services
  • Access music store on your PC, network or USB storage

P1090082 P1090083

The speakers sound superb; much larger than you’d expect for their size. Operation of the system is simple and browsing music is a pleasure.

This really is a high performance audio system for sensible money.

Do you need somewhere to store your music too?

If so then consider the same loudspeakers but with the Auralic Aries Mini.


The Aries does pretty much the same as the Bluesound (except MQA) but it does have a facility to accept an internal hard-drive offering storage of up to 4TB. To give you some indication of cost; one of these with 2TB of storage costs £550. All other aspects of performance are the same however the Aries’ app currently only works with Apple devices.