The Moorgate philosophy


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Here you can find out about the Moorgate philosphy. But before we go any further I’d like to thank you for getting this far into our website; you are either genuinely interested in good quality Hi-fi equipment (and if you are I salute you) or something contained in this website has struck a chord with you.

We value our customers! Everything else you could sum up with this simple phrase; “music matters and quality counts”. We know how busy you are and that many of you haven’t the time to call and see us in person. We extend the same service however you choose to contact us.

So you could say the Moorgate philosophy is spearheaded by customer care and demonstration. We love music and Hi-fi is the best way to best appreciate it.

Amazingly people who don’t own good Hi-fi (and perhaps have never heard good sound) think Hi-fi equipment is expensive. People who are familiar with its virtues tend to see it differently. Because of where we are located (with our own parking ) we often find people call in to kill a little time. People who arrive in cars costing in excess of £50K tell us that our equipment is expensive. The irony of this is not lost on us. Perhaps music doesn’t matter to some people but I bet it matters to you.

One of our customers spent £20K on their kitchen worktop and had a mini system from Asda sitting in their magnificent lounge. They laughed when I said that the worktop wouldn’t make their food taste any better but one of our Hi-fi systems would transform their appreciation of music and cost them a great deal less than £20K. I was deadly serious and was able to prove it to them extremely quickly. They have now joined the ranks of believers and own a lovely system. I was also delighted to learn that they have bought more CD’s in the last year than in the previous twenty. It is our joy to introduce our customers to systems and components that soar above the mediocre.

Hi-Fi needn’t be ugly and in many cases can even be concealed if you so wish. With streamers you can easily hide them away and even have them in another room. With an i-Pad in your hand you have full control over them at all times.

We firmly believe that there are very few things that can provide as much enduring pleasure as a decent Hi-fi system. Once “bitten” our customers go on to indulge and develop their love of music and tell us that they can’t get enough. I feel the same way after 35 years of doing this job.


Good equipment is mostly British and this is a fact that we are proud of. It is also a fantastic investment and one that can provide a lifetime of listening pleasure; as opposed to something you cast aside when it breaks. We look after systems that are as old as us!

If you are not yet convinced that you need a decent system at home I’d love for you to give us the chance to prove it to you. We can do that here in Sheffield, or at your house; provided that you are within striking distance. Take us up on that challenge and let music take centre-stage in your life.

You’ll never look back and that’s a promise.