About Us


A little about Moorgate Acoustics.

Music is a passion that we share with our customers. It underscores everything we do.

39 years ago when we started out people mainly listened to music stored on vinyl. Now our homes and our devices are full of music stored in a variety of different ways. But whilst it has never been easier to access music, quality is often neglected. The music you love deserves good quality so you can appreciate it as the artist or composer desired and lose yourself in its embrace. This is where we can help.

Good audio equipment is a means to best enjoy music and we’re geared up to help you find the music system that gets the most out of your music collection. We listen carefully to your requirements and then let you listen in one of our listening rooms. We’re a family run business and we pride ourselves on doing what we do well and looking after our customers.

Happy customers have allowed our business to grow. We don’t stock the biggest range there is but we do sell the best; from affordable products like Rega and Arcam to some of the very best audio systems available in the World. No matter how your music is stored; vinyl, CD or an archived library of music on your network, we can explain how to get the best from it. We can show you various levels of performance in order to best meet your requirements and your budget.

Often it costs no more to do it properly than it does to do it badly so don’t assume systems always run into the thousands. We use a demonstration room where you can listen to things for yourself. Most people are surprised at how good their music sounds when played on decent equipment. It brings a smile to their face when they hear their favourite song or symphony sounding better than they believed possible.

We’re proud that most of the equipment we sell is British and that these products are designed and built to last. We still see customers that bought systems from us when we first opened! The components and systems we sell are an investment in music – contact us so we can help you reconnect with you music you love.

Moorgate Acoustics is looking forward to the next 39 years!