2nd January

January Sales!

Our January sale is now on

January is upon us and now the Christmas meal is a distant memory and the New Year’s Eve excesses are a slightly unsettled stomach, we’d like to turn your attention to sorting out your audio system. This is of course an area that we know a good deal about and we’ve love to help!

Streamers and streaming related products have been selling exceptionally well and our range of products is better than ever. From the Quad Vena and the remarkable Naim Mu-So to the higher end Naim and LINN streamers and streaming systems; we can help. We can also advise you what you need to Stream, from archiving your existing music to purchasing HD Audio and we will gladly take you through each step of the process.

Turntables are also selling well and our Rega range offers a fantastic solution to your analogue needs. If you have a lot of vinyl that you’re simple not playing then come talk to us. If you own a record player and want to service or improve it we’d also be delighted to help. We offer a standard service for £25 and of course can perform any upgrade required with your approval. We will also trade in your existing record player if you fancy getting more out of your vinyl. From the affordable Rega RP1 to the RP8 and the LINN LP12 –  we have them all on demonstration.

We have many special offers already available via our e-store. There are also reductions on many other products that we stock and we’d be happy to discuss these in person or on the telephone. We’d love to talk to you but you are also welcome to email us. These offers will be for the duration of January.

Call in to find out more about what we’re up to and to discuss the best way to get better sound at home.